Customer Service

Customer Service. Now there are two words that we at Heemskerk Flowers do not take lightly. With so many variables that can affect the floral market and the demands from our clients, we try to always be one step ahead. Our goal is to make your work as simple as possible. We are Customer Care. Most of us have grown up in the flower business; growing, buying, selling, you name it we’ve done it. Our goal is therefore not only to sell you flowers and plants but to help you work better, to improve your purchasing and selling choices; and overall to improve your business, because we want to make your life easier.

Our sales staff have all been professionally trained and work in small teams to ensure you receive the best service. We offer our clients their own direct contact person, who is available to help you with whatever may be necessary. We are only satisfied when you are!
Heemskerk Flowers’ team of over 250 employees stand as one behind you, our client.


Our purchasing department begins early, 5 days a week. They start their day by familiarizing themselves with the products to be auctioned off. It is an understatement to say that our buyers are under a lot of pressure, as they purchase from all 3 Dutch auctions at the same time. A matter of seconds is the difference between winning a bid, losing or over paying. With three different systems in front of each one of our buyers, they are experts in decision making.


Products purchased at each of the various auctions are organized and then delivered to our headquarters in Rijnsburg. We then process all of the products and place them in the correct departments.

Live Photos

We take photos of every incoming batch of flowers and plants. These photos are automatically uploaded onto our webshop, so our clients can shop in real time as we process our morning’s purchases.

Sales Team

Our professionally trained sales team also begins early to support the live-time-purchasing that our clients enjoy. Our fast paced logistical processes ensure that our clients are purchasing the freshest possible products. With customers throughout Europe and the world, this room is a buzz of various languages and activity. View Webshop


As orders are placed, a ticket is immediately sent to our pickers. This is printed out and our pickers retrieve the exact product and total. The bucket is labeled with the client number and is placed on the conveyer belt.


Our outstanding logistic construction ensures that every single product is delivered directly to a specific lane where it is then sorted.

Bouquet department

We strive to make our client’s lives as easy as possible. Through our bouquet department, our clients are able to have their purchases sleeved in smaller totals, so they are completely ready to sell. Our bouquet staff creates daily a beautiful selection of bouquets, which are available to purchase on the webshop. These bouquets are sold singularly, and are delivered ready to display, and to sell to your customers.


Products are delivered to our various packing stations where they are then checked and packed in one of our 4 packing options. These are then delivered to the correct transport dock.


In order to deliver worldwide we use various types of transport. We have a large fleet of trucks to deliver your order, besides our own transport we have a vast selection of transporters and couriers to complement our transport chain.

Our Dutch Headquarters

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